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09 September 2008 @ 05:55 pm
Resources for Studying Korean  
I come across a lot of websites, games, programs, and other things used for studying Korean. Some of them are honestly crappy or boring.
Some, however, I just can't live without.
If you have something you think is awesome that you don't see here let me know. I'm always looking for good resources.
These are my must haves...

Online Dictionaries
Naver - my favorite dictionary
Daum - my other favorite

Other Websites
Word Showers - Vocab lists with audio files (you need to add ".mp3" to the end of the file names manually)
Naver Online Manhwa - fun way to practice reading and learn new words (because I'm too lazy to download it sometimes... and I'm a sucker for full color lol)
Study Korean . net - Lessons, videos, songs, penpals... the works.
Korean Class 101 - Great Pod & Video casts. Lots of free content too.

Touch Dictionary for NDS - this goes with me everywhere... always lol
Haansoft's Hangul 2007 - The leading Korean word processor. I LOVE this thing. Comes with an integrated dictionary too.Fonts
gubung2 's font collection - (to the post)
Zellibbi Fonts

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