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Fucking Finally!!!

I interrupt my scheduled nonexistence to bring you some fangirling.

Freaking love Xiu's pants. XD

DCW formal debut and album is finally here!!!  Well, on the 16th.  But still. Squeeeee~
This is such a coincidence because I swear not even a week ago I was asking Resie if it would ever happen. lol

The product description is both funny and depressing though.
D.C.W. or Dong Cheng Wei was the band that Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang formed when he was in high school. Five years later, Jiro has already hit the big time with the idol group, and the rest of the D.C.W. members are finally making their formal debut in 2010. The four perseverant dream-chasers are Shu (leader and guitarist), Vike (vocalist and rhythm guitarist), FreeDun (bassist), and Ming (drums). With little money to carry on but lots of desire to make their music heard, the band swallowed their pride to take part in a trio of idol dramas, KO One, The X-Family and, especially, K.O.3anGuo, which eventually gave them the break. The Taiwan pop/rock band's self-titled first album offers six hard rock numbers, including the band's music prototype "Split", anti-war anthem "Stop War With War", rock ballad "The Distance of Angels", and the debut single "Enough Love" penned by A-chord Hsieh.
REALLY?  It was only KO3 that was enough to get them a real record?  That is freaking stupid.  But I laughed pretty hard at the apparent disdain at having to do idol dramas.  And that they can really just blame on Jiro, since I'm sure it was his idea.  Speaking of Jiro, can we all take a moment to thank the gods of rock that he is only present on this album in name (since they can't change their name now that they have a following).  I know he wants to be a rock star so bad and has sort of convinced himself he is a rock star... but the boy can't really sing, especially on his own.  So, I'm very happy to see Vike is a permanent fixture.

In conclusion, DCW boys, you are awesome.  Congratulations.  You totally deserve and have earned this.  I wish it hadn't taken so long.  Xiu, please don't run from the dramas!  You are full of too much adorable and goofy to be so sexy serious bad ass all the time.

Let's end this post with some music.  Unfortunately the only preview I can find is Stop War with War. All the other stuff in not 100% DCW songs.  Like the A chord and Pets versions of Enough Love... DCW rocks the songs but Vike isn't singing... so...

Stop War with War - 以战止战
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