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I love Se7en, don't get me wrong.  He's more epic than Rain in my opinion and a million times cuter, not to mention quite a bit younger while profiting from a relitivly equal level of success and talent.  (I am not counting acting careers because... let's face it, neither man can act.)

But SERIOUSLY?  1100+ comments on omona within 6 hours of his comeback MV being posted?  

That is some crazy levels of fangirling going on.

Most people seem to be underwhelmed by his first song.  As for me, I like it. 
It's upbeat and makes you wanna get up and dance—Which is pretty much the kind of music I have liked ever since I was released from the hospital the first time.  High energy music kept my batteries charged and still does.—It also has four separate beats in just the one song to show off Se7en's vocal and genre range.  It's mostly the middle tone, not rapping, not ballady, just nice upbeat and catchy singing. (Rap is not a genre, it's an accent to real music. lol)

And my favorite part of Se7en's comeback is... his hair. 
To be honest, it's his look in general.  I am so happy he has toned down that awful L.A. gangsta look and that his hair has grown back.  He looked fine with the short hair, surprisingly good actually.  But UNF! I missed those fluffy locks.

If you were kidnapped today and locked in a basement without internet and haven't seen the new MV, the link is up there.
The best way to end a post is with delicious picspam, yes?

Welcome back Sexylips~

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