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What's a "Mirrion?"

It's been a long time since I posted anything Jpop related.  Actually I hardly ever do because there is not a lot of Jpop I like. lol
I just don't really like the style that seems mandatory for all the pop groups these days.  That and I really think most of the songs sound identical.  Seriously, I watched a count-down mash up the other day and... when I stopped looking at the screen I really had a hard time telling when the songs changed. lol  So, I usually have nothing to say on the topic.

However... I found this too funny not to post. 

I love Yamapi, I really do.  Just ask my cousin. lol
But I cannot stop laughing at his new single.  It's not that the song is bad or anything.  It's just... so much Engrish. 
First—the part that makes me unable to keep a straight face—if you are going to have an English title, I suggest being able to pronounce the title.  It's, "One in a Million," not, "One in a Mirrion."
Second, he is singing a lot more English then I would ever think listening to him.  Check out the lyrics on the live performance —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B4NyP88QFk

That said, it's one of his better songs, in my opinion.  And big plus, it's not in that style that I hate. lol
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