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This article was posted to both the Chinese news LJ aiyatheydidnt  and the Korean news LJ omonatheydidnt  and the reactions and opinions from the two comms are hilariously, freakishly, astonishingly, and oh so biasly different.
Chinese netizens object to Rain’s appointment as Goodwill ambassador of ShanDong province

World star Rain has attracted much objection from Chinese netizens after it was known that he was appointed the publicity ambassador for China ShanDong province.

It was reported in Chinese media on 24th December that Rain was appointed the publicity ambassador for China ShanDong province, also the hometown of Confucius and a province with long history and culture.

According to the report, Rain was chosen for his healthy image and also his fame in both Asia and also in Hollywood. In the report, it was said that Rain “has readily accepted the proposal from ShanDong province. ShanDong look forward to become one of the representative tourism spot in Asia.

But many Chinese netizens have commented, “This is not any place but Confucius’ hometown and they got a Korean to be the ambassador?”, “Even though I’m a fan of Rain, I don’t want him to be the ambassador of ShanDong”, “There are many Chinese celebrities from ShanDong, why choose a foreigner?” etc.

And as for the objections from the Chinese netizens, ShanDong province has kept cautious with their words about their stand to it.
aiyatheydidnt  unanimously agrees with the article... and then spiraled into a Huang Xiao Ming picspam and lust fest.

omonatheydidnt  don't actually seem to get the article.  Most of them seem to be a little too obsessed with things that are Korean that they are seeing the objection and freaking out calling it a personal attack on Rain.  In reality, China is pretty fond of Rain.  The objection is solely towards the government having chosen a Korean instead of a Chinese celebrity.  I just can't believe they are calling China's reaction racist...

Personally, I feel if they were after an internationally recognized celebrity... um China actually has more actors who are internationally famous and have done more films in Hollywood than Rain.  I'm really curious about the reason they picked Rain.
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Black Tide


Our DoReMii Christmas Special is out and I feel the need to pimp the release some more.
To c/p from our blog...

A short Taiwanese short film called "Black Tide", starring DoReMii favourites Xiao Gui (100% Ent, Pi Li MIT), Lee Shiau Shiang (K.O. 3an Guo, Say Yes Enterprise) and Lu Yi-Ching.

Xiao Gui is your average student who loves music. He is trying to live up to the shining standard his older brother has set, get his band mates to respect him, show his girlfriend he cares, make his father proud, and get into a foreign exchange program. However, when life starts to weigh heavy and Xiao Gui spirals into a well of stress and depression, will he be able to make it back out of it? With everyone so focused on their own issues, will anyone notice before it's too late? Before he...

Black Tide is a short film sponsored by the John Tung Foundation. The John Tung Foundation is a program dedicated to the education and prevention of public health issues. They produce public service announcements and advertisements for tobacco control, nutrition, and various mental health issues.

This movie addresses and educates about the serious issues of stress, depression, and suicide. While we hope you enjoy Xiao Gui's amazing and touching performance, we also hope you pay attention to the important message and information it has to share.
Xiao Gui is soooo underrated.  I have seen him act plenty before and he's always been really good.  But I suppose his goofy personality is what's always stuck in my mind.  That and he sort of lives in Show's shadow.  So... it wasn't until I watched Black Tide that I really went... "Holy F&^% he's good!"  He had me weeping and depressed and so very concerned for him.  It was amazing.  Either way, Black Tide is a touching and well done PSA movie.  Defiantly worth a watch.

Watch it!  NOW!!
ShuaiShuai - HETI

Holy Hell!

I think THREE DIFFERENT commercials for Sherlock Holmes EACH commercial break.... is just a little overkill.

Not to mention most of the commercials are completely refusing to even hint at a bloody plot.  It's driving me insane.  There was one really long trailer I saw that had about 2 seconds dedicated to a vague hint at the mystery Holmes is trying to solve, but it was quickly forgotten in favor of explosions, fights, and quips between Holmes and Watson.

This lack of information about the mystery annoys me mostly because... Sherlock Holmes is by nature a serial.  I fully expect them to turn the movie into a franchise of multiple sequels.  If they don't I will be seriously ashamed of Hollywood for not thinking of it.  As long as they didn't really mess it up and THAT'S why they refuse to expose the plot... they have the apparent makings for movie gold.  Classic characters reinvented to be fresh and fun.  Explosions and action to keep people entertained.  Clever fast-paced dialog.  Plus a cast of hot shots that are very popular.  I honestly can't see Robert Downey Jr. saying no to, at the very least, a second Sherlock Holmes movie.  He's at the top of his game and able to command insane paychecks for the type of movie that is the most fun for actors to make. 

Which is something I am so very proud of him for too.  He was hot, then he hit the sludge under rock bottom, but in the past few years he has managed to get back to the top of the ladder... actually I think he's doing even better now than ever. 

So, as a fan of Sherlock Holmes and someone who has watched and loved Robert Downey Jr. since childhood.... I really am fearful that these trailers are trying to hide the flaws.  Please movie gods... don't let Hollywood have messed up another remake.
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Barbarian Princess

My god sometimes people are so bloody PC they are stupid.

The Hawaiian studies professor would actually prefer NO ONE give a crap about Hawaiian history than to let movie producers glamorize it a bit to get people's interest? Every country's history has had movies made where history was slightly altered for the story's sake... but if it can make more people actually interested in learning about the real history, then why throw a huge fit? The people who will walk away believing it to be 100% true are the people who would have never cared about Hawaiian history or any history in the first place. So, knowing an inaccurate history is better than knowing none at all.

And the protesting over the title just make me gape in wonder about how dense people are. The title "Barbarian Princess" in no way is calling her a barbarian. By protesting that title they are trying to sweep history under the rug since that is what the press called her in the era. The point of the title is to show that the "Barbarian Princess" is actually poised, graceful, and ladylike while the Americans are monsters who are the true "barbarians." So, it's not an insult you fools.
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Foods that makes you have a heart attack... lol

This week somehow... don't ask me how it happened because I really don't know, my mobile screen cracked and turned black. It's not even that old. And I got that one because my old one died a watery death... It seems my phones are doomed to tragic deaths lately.

So anyway, I called my dad and he took me to replace the mobile after class... only they no longer sold that phone. I had to pic a new one out. As we were looking at phones he asked what features I NEEDED. I said it only needed a camera and a way to get the pictures off. i found one that was pretty similar to my dead one with a 2 megapixels and a miniSD slot. But Dad spoils me and asked me why not get the 8 megapixel camera that happens to make phone calls. lol

And that is just a preamble to the photos of this weeks dishes at school... XD

Sous vide and fried pork = super fat bacon coma.

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Professor Layton

I just beat Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (game 2 in the Layton series). For those who don't know, Professor Layton is a Nintendo DS series originating from Japan. The concept is, a British Professor and his young apprentice wander around solving gigantic mysteries and mini puzzles in the process. It's mostly a puzzle and riddle game. But wait, let that sink in a moment... British characters... voiced by the Japanese...

And not just any voice actors, unlike the American versions, Professor Layton is baited with some pretty big name Japanese actors doing the voices. For example Oizumi Yo does the voice of Layton while Horikita Maki is young Luke (I say young Luke because game 3, which is not out in America yet, has older Luke voiced by Oguri Shun.) and Kamikawa Takaya does a character in game 3 too. And that's just a few of them.

It kills me that it takes America so long to translate games sometimes. Japan is getting game 4 this holiday season and there is no clues about when America will get game 3... but since game 2 came out recently I expect it wont be very soon.

I do find it hilarious though that the Layton series seems to think it's Star Wars. The first game was actually part 4 of the story. The new game getting released in Japan in November will be part 1. So it went 4-6 and they will now do 1-3.

Oh and some more awesomeness from Japan... Following the games November release, just before Christmas they are also releasing Professor Layton and The Eternal Diva... the first Layton animated movie.

Trailer 1
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Summer's Desire

When love is so strong that it becomes stifling,
Would you escape or confront it?
The most touching, dreamlike love of the century.

And to liven up my mood and my LJ... Summer's Bubbles promos!... or I guess they are now calling it Summer's Desire. Though... given the plot... this is only a small step up in happiness. lol Angst and drama and a serious love triangle... this drama is looking better and better. Peter's character seems like suuuuch a moody arrogant asshole ♥~ He's looking mighty fine too. And Xiao Ming... words can not express his deliciousness. Barbie and Xiao Ming actually look quite cute together.

God I hope this is one of those shows that makes it really hard to predict how it will end and who she will choose. I foresee someone dieing though. lol

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